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Set it and Forget it

Schedule your tuition posting and payment processing ahead of time so you can set it and forget it. Whether you are on a family vacation or at a competition on billing day, you know tuition will automatically post and ePayments are processing in the background.

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Private Lessons

This year, Jackrabbit is researching and exploring how we can make scheduling and managing private lessons easier for office staff, instructors, and families. Our goal is to make progress towards using additional platforms to manage private lessons a thing of the past!

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Multiple Policies

With the ability to create multiple policies in Jackrabbit for different classes, you can ensure that families are agreeing to only the policies that apply to the program or class they have enrolled in. Expectations are clear, setting you and your families up for success!

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Parent Experience Upgrades

With a redesigned registration process, families will have a consistent experience. Automatically post registration fees with new enrollments and require payment to complete enrollment in classes and events.

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