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 Family & Student Management

Jackrabbit's Family and Student management tools are providing even more functionality in 2020. With additions like file attachments, mass updates to schedules and more rich email capability, you can connect with your families better than before. 


Stay Connected

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Family, student, classes, and staff records will have the option to attach files, keeping your youth activity center truly paperless. The second-highest vote in the Idea Portal will be another dream come true!




Easier Emailing

Personalized Messages


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With the contact name and student name added to the email page, you won’t have to fight your memory when emailing a family. You can give it a nice personal touch without any extra effort!





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Saving Time

Quickly drop classes

Roadmap_LP_phone_Families_drops_blk2Available Now!
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Things happen and sometimes students or even families need to withdraw from your program. You will be able to drop all classes for the student or family at once, saving lots of extra clicks!


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