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Jackrabbit roadmap

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A full line-up of enhancements that make managing your business easier than ever

2020 had its own plans. But this year, we're all coming back bigger, better and smarter - as ONE. 

Gymnastics, Dance, Swim and Music schools secured their place as an essential part of child development during a world-wide pivot. In 2021, Jackrabbit is delivering new features that allow you and your team to grow easier and faster than ever before.




Set it and Forget it Tuition Billing

Harness the power of automation. Let Jackrabbit do the work so you can get back to business.

Schedule your tuition posting and payment processing ahead of time so you can set it and forget it. Whether you are on a family vacation or at a competition on billing day, you know tuition will automatically post and ePayments are processing in the background.




Private Lessons

Seamless workflows for one-on-one student lessons are no longer just an idea. It's real life!

This year, Jackrabbit is researching and exploring how we can make scheduling and managing private lessons easier for office staff, instructors, and families. Our goal is to make progress towards using additional platforms to manage private lessons a thing of the past!


Parent Experience Upgrades

Tailor your customer service with an upgraded family experience with the Parent Portal.

With a redesigned registration process, new and existing families will have a consistent experience when leveraging the Parent Portal.

Released in the spring of 2021, this upgrade automatically posts registration fees with new enrollments and requires payment to complete enrollment in classes and events. 




Multiple Policies

Customizable and flexible policies so that you can clearly communicate and set expectations for families.

With the ability to create multiple policies in Jackrabbit for different classes, you can ensure that families are agreeing to only the policies that apply to the program or class they have enrolled in. Expectations are clear, setting you and your families up for a successful season!



ONE Goal: Give you time back to spend with students, families, and staff by reducing administrative tasks and enhancing the parent experience

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Partners with ONE priority

Jackrabbit is the number ONE choice of owners looking for rich features, robust functionality and best-in-class support. We choose our industry partners with the same goals in mind.

This year, Jackrabbit's integration partners set out to make your family connections more powerful than ever. 

Mobile Inventor

Jackrabbit Plus delivers your business all the value of Jackrabbit Class with the added bonus of your own custom branded app. It will help you streamline the overall management of classes, tuition, events and more while enhancing your customer’s experience.


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Spot TV

Make family connections more powerful than ever with Spot TV's 2021 integration enhancements. Updates include enhanced management ability directly in the Jackrabbit app. Class and camera assignments are on their way so you can manage groups along with user synchronization upgrades to give you and your staff more data on streaming. 

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Ongoing Development

Additional Jackrabbit partners like Express Payroll, TutuTix, and Hope Floats continue ongoing upgrades to their processes and systems. With each new enhancement, the Jackrabbit team will deliver up-to-date information and guides on your next steps.

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Minutes to Setup

We understand where you want to spend your time: with your students, teaching, and creating. Not in answering emails, returning phone calls, and doing administrative tasks. This year we continue to focus on giving you the gift of time. 

Kristi Deese, Product Manager

We believe in our clients, their missions and passions for teaching children. We also believe that it’s critical for children to have opportunities to benefit from the programs that gyms, studios, swim lessons and music schools have to offer. We are doing everything we can to help these programs stay alive to accomplish their goals.

Mark Mahoney, Jackrabbit CEO & Co-Founder

We understand that these are not typical times and that Covid has required more of you than ever before. With that in mind, we've built our development plans in response to YOUR changing needs.

Tracy Egan, Director of Product

You don't slow down, and we won't either

Whether you’re a swim school owner, dance studio director, gymnastics program manager -- or anywhere in-between -- the Jackrabbit team is here to help you grow. Because we believe that your big plans should be our top priority! 

When you join the Jackrabbit family, you receive the industry’s most powerful and flexible software to run your entire business with features like a secure parent and staff portals, reliable online registration, flexible ePayment processing, robust reporting, apparel, and performance management and so much more.

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Jackrabbit's Next Generation is Here

The Next Generation of Jackrabbit is just as flexible, robust and configurable as it’s predecessor. All the benefits of the Jackrabbit you love, only cleaner and easier to use.

The future of Jackrabbit streamlines your team's workflows. With new page views, powerful Smart Grids, and the ability to make decisions quicker, Jackrabbit's Next Generation:

Simplifies your tasks
Reduces redundancy
Provides an intuitive user experience

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