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New in the Parent Portal

Enhance the parent experience with improved registration, wait-listing,
payments and attendance reporting. Your Jackrabbit Parent Portal
allows you and your team to deliver service with the click of a button.


View Wait Listed Classes

- Available Now! -

Parents will have more visibility into what they have signed up for via the Parent Portal. Not only can they see classes and events their students are enrolled in but they will also be able to easily see which classes their students are wait listed for without having to contact your front office.

Roadmap_LP_desktop_Shopping_Cart_1576x1576 copy

Require Payment

- Arriving Late 2020 -

With the new option to require payment for enrollments in the Parent Portal, parents will have a shopping cart experience they are used to with online shopping. Payment can officially secure spots in classes!

Roadmap_LP_laptop_Parent_Portal_transactions_1576x1576 copy

Auto-post Registration Fees

- Arriving Late 2020 -

To cut down on confusion when families enroll for a new session through the Parent Portal, registration fees can automatically post. Seeing fees at the time of checkout helps you be most transparent with your customers. Eliminating confusion at the beginning of the session is a win-win!

Roadmap_LP_laptop_Parent_Portal_Student_1576x1576 copy

Gender Customization

- Available Now! -

We believe all students should feel welcome, safe and included in their daily lives as their authentic selves. You will be able to customize the drop-down options for gender, as well as decide if gender should be optional, required, or hidden altogether in the Parent Portal.


Registration Fees

- Arriving Late 2020 -

If you offer a specialty class or summer camp, you may not require a registration fee. New flexibility will allow you to exclude classes from having a registration fee posted. Registration time will be smoother than ever!


Idea Portal Top 5

Share Your Ideas!

Many of these Parent Portal updates came straight from the Idea Portal, including one of the the top 5 highest voted ideas - auto-posting registration fees. The Idea Portal helps our product team envision the future of Jackrabbit. We couldn't do it without you!

Jackrabbit Class New Look
simple-ipad-pro-mockup-in-portrait-position-over-a-flat-surface-79-el (1)

Fast. Secure. Reliable Class Management.

Enhancements to the Jackrabbit Parent Portal allow you to deliver a world-class level of support and service to your parents, students and staff. Our promise is to deliver fast, secure, reliable tools that empower you to meet the needs and ever-changing demands of your program.



Harnessing the power of our community.

With the Jackrabbit Idea Portal our team collaborates with yours. This platform gives each user a voice and a vote. Harnessing the tremendous ideas of our users and community of 6,000 gymnastics, dance and swim programs allows us to keep delivering on the promise we made you from the start. You go build their dreams, we'll be here helping you grow your business.


Your future is getting brighter by the second

Find out what else is in store with the Next Generation User Experience. It's more than a new look and feel. This Next Generation of Jackrabbit brings you clean, flexible features that allow you and your team to make data-driven decision faster than ever.

See it Now!