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 The Next Generation of Jackrabbit

The next level of speed, reliability and security in class management arrives in 2020 with a new look,
ease of use and flexibility unparalleled to any other solution of it's kind.

Jackrabbit Re-imagined

As the industry’s best cloud-management software, it is important that Jackrabbit’s look is as sleek as it’s power. The Next Gen User Experience has been designed to do it all!

  • More robust functionality
  • Improved visual appeal
  • Better experience


Roadmap_LP_Main_Image_Next_Gen_ipad_450x500 copy

Next Gen User Experience Features


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Mass Actions

Select multiple records in the smart grid and perform an action for those records all at once!

Data Visualization

Who doesn’t love a good visual? Select pieces of the graph to see your results filtered for that group.

Robust Filtering

Searchable filters and more flexibility with the smart grids ensures that you can see your data exactly how you want it.

Jackrabbit Student Management

Want to know more?!

Our product team is working through the Jackrabbit application piece by piece to update the user experience. You can look for new families, students, and classes pages to allow for data filtering and searching.

In addition to these new pages, you will see more and more smart grids to give you more power with your data.

Read more about how the Next Gen User Experience journey started here!