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Fast Tracked Features

During the response to COVID-19 the Jackrabbit Product team rallied around our users to deliver reliable and powerful solutions to virtual class management. Jackrabbit users saw less downtime and connected with students, families and teachers instantly.

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Virtual Classes

By giving you the ability to share links to virtual streaming platforms directly to your Parent Portal, Jackrabbit enables you to connect with your students and families, even when you cannot be together through traditional classes.

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Parent Portal Upgrades

During closures, the Jackrabbit Parent Portal is the family and student's one-stop-shop for all things related to classes, communications and payments. By adding class functionality and increasing time allowances in the Parent Portal, these upgrades allow you to maintain and build customer loyalty.

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Mass Updates: Classes

With the ability to quickly drop a student or family's classes all at once, you can make sure that enrollment is accurate for the next billing cycle in a matter of a few clicks.

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New Email Templates

Communicating effectively and professionally with your families has never been more critical. To help your programs get your message out, Jackrabbit added new email templates to support your COVID-19 response and efforts.

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Resource Management

Digital file creation and management are essential as your team and families communicate via the Parent Portal. Jackrabbit fast-tracked new resource management tools to empower your businesses to share files, tools and anecdotal communication with your students and their families.

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Mass Updates: Credits

You may have more outstanding credits to apply to family accounts right now than typical. Use the ability to mass apply credits to update accounts efficiently from anywhere.

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COVID-19 Resource Center

The Jackrabbit Client Services team rallied to provide users with documentation, videos and support tools to navigate managing their programs amid closures. Tools included guidance on virtual classes, ePayments, enhancements and more.

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Complete Toolkit

Across blogs, social channels and virtual events, the Jackrabbit team delivered up to the minute information on the latest tips, news and guidance on keeping your business, and your brand, healthy.

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We've got your back.

Things may seem different now, but one thing is for sure - your needs, your plans, and dreams -
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