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Head into the new year with all you need to maximize your studio growth in 2021.


Jackrabbit Dance 2021 Planning Resources

What are the three key areas of focus you and your dance studio team should be thinking about to ensure growth in 2021?

It is more important than ever for studios to focus on customer service, automation and tracking key metrics to thrive. Through the use of reliable, cloud-based dance studio software, Jackrabbit Dance’s mission is to help studio owners take control of their businesses, so they can get back to focusing on their passion--teaching.


Customer Service

Having an above-average customer service strategy is never going to not work in your favor. So the easier you can make things for your customers, the better. This also includes making the abnormal seem normal (lookin' at you, 2020)

How can you make things convenient for your customers: 

  • User-friendly contactless registration 
  • Regular and automated communication
  • Makeups and absence scheduling
  • Access to classes from anywhere 


When you automate your processes through studio management software, you may just notice you have more time for building relationships, focusing on enrollment, and putting a little extra cash in the bank.
Get your studio software working for you not against you by automating things like:
  • Online registration
  • Billing, tuition, and ePayment processing
  • Point of sale & inventory
  • Dancer milestones and skill progression
  • Teacher & Staff timeclock & payroll

Key Metrics

Not having a firm understanding of your studio’s key metrics isn’t going to be an option in 2021. Sometimes, the term metrics & the thought of analyzing data gets a bad rap.
Look to your studio management software to answer questions like:
  1. Which classes still have openings?
  2. Which classes are on a waitlist?
  3. Who is missing classes?
  4. Who is my most-valuable teacher?
  5. What's my ratio of inactive students?

Studio Management Solutions for Big Dreamers

You can't build an epic dream with a basic solution.

Everything you've ever worked towards for your studio falls into place with Jackrabbit's cloud-based studio management software. We're proudly supporting over 12,000 studios and programs worldwide, helping owners and directors just like you take charge of their businesses and scale for unprecedented growth.


And you know what the best part is?

For the sixth year, Jackrabbit Technologies preferred partner TuTuTix presents their survey results collected from their annual software reviews survey. Thousands of owners were polled on class management software and trends were compiled and presented. The results are in: Studio Owners and Managers agree that Jackrabbit Dance is #1 in Client Satisfaction and studio management software.

Wondering if Jackrabbit Dance is right for you? Considering a switch from your current provider? Check out the results - you'll find this data eye-opening! 

Download the Survey Results


Meet Your Jumpstart Coach

The Jackrabbit Dance team is ready to support you as you set up your team for success. We assign a Jumpstart Coach for one-on-one support during the initial implementation and setup process. Plus, your personal product expert can answer any of your teams questions.

  • Quick Start Wizard
  • Jumpstart Coach
  • One-on-one virtual meetings
  • Step-by-step help
  • Data import assistance
  • ePayments Wizard
  • Web Integration support

Best support in the industry

Work with our support team, take advantage of training videos, help guides and webinars or schedule a one-on-one, system support call.

With phone and live chat support, the
Jackrabbit Dance support team is ready to help. 


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