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Client Success Resources

Jackrabbit is here to support your 20/20 VIsion with world-class support and service.

Your Big Plans, Our Top Priority.

"Hands-down exceptional support."

That isn't our description. A client said it - and that's why we're proud of it. We work hard at maintaining this  truth. In other words, we own it. Our team is well-trained and responsive, passionate and compassionate and motivated by commitment.

Above all else in 2020, Jackrabbit team members are here to make it simple for needs, knowledge and ideas to flow in and out so that each client experiences the software in ways that are meaningful in their programs.

Find new ways to connect with us this year and see why for another consecutive year we've earned the top spot in Client Satisfaction for class management software solutions.

Jackrabbit Class New Features

Watch the Blog

Keep up with new enhancements as they are released on the Jackrabbit blog. In addition to the new features, we focus on how the latest updates can benefit you and your youth activity center.

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Unlimited Support

Take advantage of Jackrabbit’s unlimited support that is included in your monthly subscription. From help articles, to instructional videos, educational webinars, and much more!

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Follow on YouTube

Full of resources, tutorials, and tips from our highly-skilled, dedicated support and education teams, the video playlists on YouTube are a great jumping-off point for any user.

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Jackrabbit’s Partnership Plans for 2020

20/20 Vision at Jackrabbit includes expanding our partners and improving existing integrations to make this year the best business year for you yet!

Roadmap_LP_Mobile_Inventor_circle-01Mobile Inventor

Mobile apps have never been simpler

There’s an app for everything. Why not have one for your youth activity center? Work with Ty McDowell of Mobile Inventor to create and implement a mobile app branded for your business for your families.

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Roadmap_LP_SpotTV_circle-01Spot TV

Online Streaming for youth activity centers

Spot TV is a great example of game changing technology for youth activity centers just like yours. We look forward to partnering with them to bring you a secure, live streaming option for your families.

See it in Action

Roadmap_LP_LEAP_circle-01LEAP! Learning

Developed for curriculum-based programs

Easily add lesson plans to your instructor’s curriculum with LEAP! Learning. With Jackrabbit’s Staff Portal and future partnership with LEAP!, you can take lesson planning to the next level without extra effort!

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Get started with our dynamic and interactive webinars

Jackrabbit webinars are a great way to see our features come to life. Webinar hosts present a variety of topics and answer questions so that each member on your team leaves feeling more informed on how to utilize their Jackrabbit system.

Watch the Webinars