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Automate Billing, Payments & Communication

Streamline your task list, start growing today.
Improve your processes through intelligent automation.
In 2020, Jackrabbit gives your team hours back and powers growth throughout your business.

Say goodbye to manual processes

Manual processes and procedures are for the birds. Being able to automate as many things as possible at your youth activity center is important. 

  • You save time,
  • The results are more accurate, and
  • Your customers have a better experience

What's not to love about that?

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How to "set it and forget it" with Jackrabbit

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Autodraft Payments

Debuting Late 2020

Most memberships and even monthly expenses automatically draft each month. It’s the norm everywhere you turn. With the ability to set and forget batch ePayment processing, you can schedule when you want payments to process.



Automated Tuition Posting

Debuting Late 2020

Ever been on the road at a competition or meet when it is time to post tuition? Jackrabbit’s product team is introducing a new way for you to set up posting so tuition will automatically post each month, week, or session.


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Automated Email Follow-Up

Debuting Late 2020

As one of the top ideas in the Idea Portal, Jackrabbit’s product team knew the need for automated emails based on a particular action or event was a must! This year, look for automatic email communication abilities for improved engagement. 


Want even more time-saving tools?

A better way to manage absences and makeups
Is just around the corner...

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